Sole mates: Mr Right and Mr Left

sole-mates Zu heelsThey pinch, rub and are just generally painful, yet you don’t think twice about shodding your footsies in sky-high heels. It’s probably because you are part masochist, part pseudo super-model and also because part of you still can’t let it go that your younger brother now dwarfs you (time to move on we think).

But if you are going to inflict any sort of pain on to your person, you may as well look damn fierce doing it, like with these completely perfect casual-cool heels. They’ll dress down a party frock for a summer BBQ and dress up your denim cut offs for, well, perhaps a summer BBQ.

And sure, you might still slip, sprain your ankle, and hobble for days.

But you’ll look damn good doing it.

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