5 of the best: Non-nanna cardis from Shopbop.com

Ugg boots, cardigans and fingerless gloves are pretty much our three favourite things about winter (yes, we did a vote). Which kind of sounds like we channel crazy cat ladies from April to August, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Cardigans can be extremely luxe slash stylish (see five of our favourites above), Kate Moss lives in her Ugg boots, and well, fingerless gloves are just so darn practical.


Hooded cardi, US$96, Bop Basics, shopbop.com

Military cardi, US$248, Juicy Couture, shopbop.com

Wrap cardi, US$105, Sauce, shopbop.com

Shoulder detail cardi, US$115, Three Dots, shopbop.com

Lace-like knit cardi, US$225, Edun, shopbop.com

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