News wire: SJP snubs Halston on the red carpet

Let this be a lesson to all those eye-rolling skeptics out there. Never, ever assume you know what SJP is going to wear (ever!). It seemed to be a given amongst the fashion commentators that Ms Parker would continue to be the best living, breathing advertisment for a brand that ever was by frocking up (yet again) in Halston Heritage for yesterday's SATC2 premiere.

But thankfully even SJP recognised that sometimes you can be seen to be selling a little too hard, and opted for an absolutely amazing neon yelllow draped Valentino gown instead. Which combined with the equally bright pink vintage frock Kristen Davies was wearing, the gorgeous black fitted Carolina Herrera Cynthia Nixon had donned and Kim Cattral's floor scraping Naeem Khan gold number was nothing short of spectacular (no weird acorn hats this time around, phew!).

Want more pics from the red carpet? Check them out at Grazia here.

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