One item two ways: The new leather skirt

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One item two ways: The new leather skirt |  pictures

You know the old saying, good things come in threes. Well so do good trends. As in once you see an item flaunted by at least three of your favourite style icons it is officially a ‘good’ trend.

For example the relaxed fit leather skirt. While its skimpier cousin has been bashing around the fashion corridors for the last three years, the newer style is like a breath of fresh air and can be styled an almost infinite number of ways. So far we’ve seen it softened up with a cashmere knit on Olivia Palermo, and punked up with Alexander McQueen stockings and tie dye on Susie Bubble... we wonder who will be the third because this is definitely a ‘good’, no ‘great’ trend.


Leather skirt, $249.95,

Look 1

Lace detail knit, $118.95, Cooper St,

Butterfly headband, $60, Alex Ash,

Bejewelled ballet flats, $79.95, Sunday,

Look 2

Tank, US$8.80,

Gillet, $199,

Heels, $49.95,

One item two ways: The new leather skirt |  pictures

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