Sole mates: Six of the craziest new season designer heels (and a few budget friendly alternatives)

After several drab seasons of sensible, safe and non-flashy fashion the creative peeps at all the major fashion houses are finally being unleashed again and the result is some pretty out-there footwear. If you thought wearing peep-toe boots in winter was kinda crazy, just wait till you see what the designers want you to shod yourself in now.

SHOP IT (luxe):

1 - Red patent platform mary-janes, £369.57, Vivienne Westwood,

2 - Woven leather sandals, £736.53, Proenza Schouler,

3 - Embroided sandals, £373.91, Marc by Marc Jacobs,

4 - Purple cut out ankle boots, £360.87, Anna Sui,

5 - Yellow stripe heels, £430, Alexander McQueen,

6 - Orange cut out heels, £282.61, Camilla Skovgaard,

SHOP IT (less):

1 - Blue suede platforms, £60,

2 - Black peep-toe bootie, £160 , Emma Cook,

3 - Rubber trim wedges, US$59.18,


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