5 great sites for: Under $50 bargains!

Purse strings feeling a little tight? That doesn't mean you can't still treat yourself to something shiny and new, you just need to know where to look!

Fashionunder50dollars.com.au - This is the outlet site of Alibionline.com.au and features all their heavily reduced sale items for brands like Alibi, Sass & Wish.

Forever21.com - This massive US site is amazing for bargain shoes, accessories and clothes. Beware of the sizing (it does run a little small and the skirts are very short!). The shipping does also hurt a little as well, but get a friend to pick up a few things as well and you're sorted!

Barkins.com.au - Always a favourite, while most items are on the boring suit-ish side, there's often some gold to be found amongst their tops or dresses.

Supre.com.au - Need we say more?

Freez.com.au - One of our favourite destinations for a bargain, they even have an off-shoot site called iwantabargain.com.au (similar to Alibi's above) although a lot of their full price items are under $50 anyway.

Valleygirl.com.au - Ok so this is number 6, but if it's on trend items at bargain prices you're after you need to check out this site too!

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