Five of the best: LBDs for the party season and the undies you’ll need to pull them off!

Why is it that the second the sun comes out, the party invitations hit your desk. Engagements, Thirtieths, Twenty-Seconds, Just-because parties -  your calendar is suddenly booked up until March.

And of course we’ve all been hibernating all winter long, and the thought of pulling together an outfit that doesn’t involve woollen socks and a Snuggie can seem a little daunting.

Enter the LBD, the easiest way to ease yourself off the couch and into spring-time glam. The colour hides the amount of too-lazy-too-cook Thai you’ve ordered these last few months, and there are so many gorgeous styles around right now you definitely won’t be accused of playing it safe.

Ahem... your VPL is showing

There is however one thing that your new favourite dress cannot hide though, and that’s that you’re still wearing your comfy Nanna undies (yep, we noticed). So let us introduce you to the snazzy new briefs from Jockey. The No Panty Line Promise Next Generation Briefs are made from a silky soft microfiber so they’re crazy comfy (no really they are), they even have special grippy strips to stop them riding up your you-know-where, and the special way they are cut (which is far too techy to understand for us) means they are absolutely VPL proof (they even come with a No Panty Line Promise!).

The No Panty Line Promise Next Generation Briefs (as modeled by the lovely Gian Rooney to the left) come in sexy black and practical beige, are available in four different cuts and cost either $19.95 -20.95.

Get your hands on a pair at either Myer or DJs nationally.

Can't I just win some?

Oh ok, why not, and Jockey will throw in a $450 voucher to spend on your new favourite LBD as well.

To enter click her now


1 - Two tone dress, US$77.50,

2 - Satin rosette dress, US$168,

3 - Vanishing rouched mini, $350, Zimmermann,

4 - Spike shoulder dress, $264, Stolen Girlfriends Club,

5 - Johnny dress, $228, Ruby,

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