Fashion news: Valentino says Kate needs a haircut before she can be Queen

With bookies currently taking bets on exactly who will design Kate Middleton's dress for her big royal day, some clever fashion journos decided to turn the tables to see what the designers actually think about the Queen-to-be. sat down for a chat with Valentino to get his advice for the Queen Kate.

“She has to do something with this long hair because that is very important,” the retired designer ... opined. “To be a future queen, she can’t keep her hair this long.”

And Vogue UK had a good natter with Karl Lagerfeld to get his thoughts.

"For the royals, apparently the royal blood is not in demand any longer ... Better for the generation to come ... She is very different from Princess Diana, and seems a very well-balanced and a happy person. She is chic in a way the position needs. Let's wait and see."

Looks like it's basically thumbs-up all round.

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  • joburkey says:

    i think she looks gorgeous, wish my hair looks so great, it still is at a length you can maintain, especially when you ave stylists anyhow helping you

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