Beauty board: Easy, breezy ponytails are back

By (DDG$: 239086) , on 7.12.10 2 comments

Beauty board: Easy, breezy ponytails are back | beauty 2  pictures

Ladies it's time to put down your styling tools. That's right you can pretty much put all your lotions, potions, brushes and tongs into a big bag to take to the Salvos because this summer the only hairstyle worth having needs nothing more than your humble hair elastic.

Well, ok, we might have fibbed a little, you might still want to hold onto your hairbrush and maybe the smallest whiff of hairspray, but seriously that's it.

And even better not only is this look super-easy and super-chic, it's also more versatile than a Swiss army knife. The new summer ponytail can be dressed up or down, worn at at pretty much any height (up-high and nape of the neck are our faves) and it can also be worn sleek and straight or beach-style messy.

Better hide the ink pots girls... well that's what our Nans would say anyway.

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Beauty board: Easy, breezy ponytails are back | beauty 2  pictures