Don’t Drop Dead Exhausted- Be Drop Dead Gorgeous with ‘Neato’

Neato-XV-11-All-Floor-Robotic-Vacuum-SystemI rate this because....It saved me from nearly Dropping Dead not in a Gorgeous way from so much vacuuming & I feel I owe it to all my Gorgeous Sisters to take a break from a most boring nail breaking chore and let Neato in their door :-). I have attached a pic of my little buddy.
Price:$399.00 plus P&H from the USA to Australia
Website name:Neato Robotics


Found by: miff


  • joburkey says:

    good find!!! this would be a life saver, but for the price, we only have 2 rooms with carpet and my partner, he does the vacuuming (my excuse, I’m allergic to the dust particles it seems to blow in the air)

    • miff says:

      Neato does carpet & hard floors to perfection and the best of all no bags!, I can’t stand dust particles either. I have to say I flipped at the cost but to be honest Neato has paid for himself over & over as I can’t vacuum & I never thought my carpets could look as if they have been steam cleaned :) .

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