Street style: Mastering the maxi-moto combo

Maxi moto street style fashion trend

Don't you just love this hot, then rainy, then hot again weather. It makes picking out your outfit each morning just so much fun. And yes, in case you can't tell we are dripping with sarcasm right now.

However, the crazy weather does allow for us to hop, skip and jump ahead a few months to one of the hottest trends of next season, the maxi-moto-combo as we like to call it.

If you were paying attention at Fashion Week you would have noticed that this is the new model-off-duty uniform of choice, and also got quite the run by editors, bloggers and just generally fabulous people alike.

And the thing we like best about this new combination is that actually, we already have everything we need  in wardrobe. Although you can of course always buy new ones, which is why we've picked these few things out just for you.

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Get the look with these online fashion buys:

1 - Asteroid tie-dye dress, $89.95, All About Eve,

2 - Antique bead wide belt, US$18.80,

3 - Silver silk maxi dress, $199.95,

4 - Zig zag beaded belt, US$15.80,

5 - Long style PU biker jacket, £55,

6 - Jayde embellished sandals, $99.95, Zoom,


  • Monique says:

    The All About Eve Maxi is gorgeous! Anyone could pull this one off!
    Yeltour have a gorgeous selection of clothes at such affordable prices – this maxi is just one example!

  • joburkey says:

    These dresses are always so flattering, i love them. You can accessorise so well with them

  • sommy7 says:

    Weather ready is the way to go for fashionable ladies.Just a little layering when it turns cold with wardrobe staples.Kool

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