Quiz: Should you bother getting excited about the new It-jean?

Madewell's High-Riser skinny jean is back in stock! The supposedly best of both world's denim sold out in mere moments last year and is now finally making it's way back to shelves in time for our Autumn/Winter season.

But despite all the hype, and just how amazing Dree Hemingway looks in these campaign pics, it might be worth taking a second or two to figure out if these jeans are really for you before you whip out the credit card.

Luckily we've devised a very clever little quiz to help you decide.

Select all that apply:

A) My nickname in highschool was Twiggy/Ana/Stilts (kids are so cruel)

B) If I were a fruit I'd be a pear, or an apple... or maybe a cantaloupe.

C) I can't go to the shops without being stalked by model scouts.

D) All  I wanted for Christmas was a pair of Spanx.

E) I think two carrots and a tomato is a pretty filling meal.

F) Give me a bottle of wine and a block of cheese and I'm a happy girl.

ANSWERS: If you answered yes to either A, C or E these denims are your new best friend (and please don't stand next to us in photos). If you answered yes to B, D or F don't do it to yourself, it's just not worth it!

SHOP IT: High-riser jeans, US $97, Madewell.com (also available at shopbop.com)


  • ichigolove01 says:

    HAHA DDGD you crack me up!
    What if you were A, C and F. No one would want to be friends with you. They’d all be so jealous!.. And these jeans would be your bestfriend since all your friends have left you due to an overwhelming amount of jealousy.

  • joburkey says:

    Love your questions, brilliant!!! I don’t think skinny jeans are for me anyhow.

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