Hens coming up….

I need a hot/sexy dress to wear to my Hens party. We are heading to a swish club for cocktails. I am definitely wearing high heels.  

I am short and olive skinned, with long dark hair and can wear very short dresses. Unfortunately, I am also rather flat chested 😀

I would preferably like something that is not too expensive ($150 max), brightly coloured, and a stand out piece as it is my last night to shine as a single woman!

Any ideas would be lovely. Thx.


  • Rose says:

    The first brand that came to mind was Lipsy.. http://www.lipsy.co.uk They have fantastic party dresses with embellishments and fun and flirty styles! You can also buy Lipsy from http://www.Asos.com
    Although you were after a bright coloured dress, there is one dress that stood out on the Lipsy site. It is a creamy/white colour and with your colouring it would look amazing.. plus, being the bride-to-be the white would be quite fitting!
    Hope you have an amazing night, I’m sure you will look gorgeous whatever you wear! All the best!! Xo

  • Talia says:

    Thanks so much Rose, that looks awesome!!!
    I will have a look on asos and see what comes up that’s Lipsy!
    I will report back on what I actually end up getting!!


  • Boo says:

    Again not bright coloured but think is cute!
    Cheap too – if you sign up to Frock You you get a discount of 10 or 15% too.

  • Boo says:

    But this one is also cute & bright!
    Same as above – if you sign on with them you get a discount.

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