Kate Moss not designing her own wedding dress… John Galliano is instead.

Well it looks like Vivienne Westwood got it wrong. Kate Moss is not planning on designing her own wedding dress at all, in fact she's letting her longtime friend and Christian Dior designer John Galliano do it for her.

Mossey apparently fessed up about her wedding gown designer of choice at a recent Topshop dinner in London.

This of course means that it's out with our visions of the soon-to-be Mrs Hince walking down the aisle in sequinned denim hotpants and a see-through top (ciggie in hand of course), and in come flashes of Kate exchanging vows and vodka shots in masses of frou frou chiffon and OTT detailing.

Now we know some people will of course be a little dissapointed that they don't get to see a glance of a Kate Moss original bridal gown,  but really, why would you do something yourself when your good mate John Galliano do it for you instead?

We wonder if Kate Moss's wedding dress will look anything like these John Galliano creations?

Images courtesy of Trendland.net and modelina.com


  • The_Dark_Lady_2 says:

    Galliano is a really gifted designer. I am sure they will both come up with something incredible. Hope Kate is as good a friend as Galliano is to her – he could use a bit of support right now!

  • vick says:

    good for her, i love that she understands loyalty to old friends, i’m so sick of the media trashing the man he’s a great designer and she will look fabulous

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