Inner Nigella: Our favourite tea-cup cocktails

There's something fantastically classy slash naughty about tea-cup cocktails. Especially when paired with a group of your favourite girlies, a tiara or two and perhaps the live telecast of the Royal Wedding (don't even pretend you're not going to watch it!).

Here are our favourite regal themed tipples to kick off the festivities, tea-pots not included.

Pimms Original

You don't get more English than this!

Makes: 1 litre (serves 4)

4 cups ice cubes
1 lemon, cut into thin slices
160ml Pimm's No. 1
125ml lemonade, chilled
125ml ginger ale, chilled
1/2 Lebanese cucumber, cut into thin strips

1 - Place 1/2 the ice into a 1-litre capacity jug. Add lemon slices. Pour in Pimm's, followed by lemonade and ginger ale. Stir with a swizzle stick to combine.
2 - Divide remaining ice among four tall glasses. Place a piece of cucumber in each glass then fill with cocktail. Serve.

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Kir Royale


dash of Creme de Cassis


In a flute, pour the cassis first, then gently pour the champagne. garnish with a twist of lemon if desered. Serve chilled.

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Raspberry Long Island Iced tea

What the Queen will (probably) be drinking

Makes: 1 tall drink (or 1/2 a teapot)


½ shot Vodka
½ shot Rum
½ shot Tequila
½ shot Gin
½ shot Triple sec
3 shots oz Sweet and sour (what's this? )
½ shot Chambord raspberry liqueur


Pour all ingredients over ice into a shaker. Shake 3-4 times. Pour into glass and garnish (optional) with a Lemon wedge.

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Got anything special planned for the Royal wedding? Tell us about it in the comments below!


  • lauren says:


  • kylie says:

    the raspberry long island ice tea sounds yummyyyyy

  • monisme says:

    Pimms is such a classic English drink. I remember sitting in a countryside backyard in England, sipping our Pimms in what little sun there was – there is no better memory! Pimms in Australia is fabulous, but still not the same as in England!

    As for the Royal Wedding, I think I will watch the part where I see Kate Middleton’s dress and that is it. The rest doesn’t sound all that interesting…

  • joburkey says:

    mmmmm so elegant darling

  • Kendelle says:

    Thanks for the recipes – love having these teapot/cup cocktails when I’m away on holidays – but they sure do cost a fait bit! However, the wedding was a great excuse to experiment with flavours when we had girl’s night pre-drinks!

  • Alisha says:

    is there somewhere i can buy the teacups on a wine stem??? Having a mad hatters tea party and these r peeeerrrffeecccttt!!

  • RobbieC says:

    Love the wine stemmed tea cups!

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