Aren’t ballet flats supposed to be… um flat (and comfortable?)

Apparently Christian Louboutin didn't get the memo about the true function of ballet flats... ie they are not mean to cause serious injury to your feet. Unlike this pair which come complete with a staggering 8 inch heel!

Now before you go getting all disgruntled and ranty (and Victoria Beckham goes and sends her PA off to line up for a pair), we should let you know that these shoes where never actually ever intended to be worn.

The bejewelled ballet...umm... heels (??) where actually created for  a charity auction to raise money for the English National Ballet.

Other designers offering up dance-inspired lots include Erdem, Giles Deacon, Moschino, Roksanda Ilincic and Julien Macdonald.

All we can say is... phew!



  • Melanie says:

    Wow!!! They definately are different.

  • monisme says:

    This was the first news story I read this morning – that says something about our news stations :-/

    These shoes are amazing! Obviously not for every day wear, but I can’t imagine they would be too difficult to walk in if you were used to pointe shoes…

    • DDGD - Kate says:

      I’ve always wanted to be able to do that! Ever since I saw Kate Winslet do it barefoot in Titanic it’s been on my bucket list. x

  • nettyballs says:

    how the hell are you supposed to walk in these? Actually i could see Lady GAGA giving them a crack

  • kylie says:

    Wow they are insane

  • joburkey says:

    oh dear lord, the pain they would cause your feet

  • Alexis says:

    I can just imagine how my feet would feel after wearing these – bring on the bandaids!!

    I love ballet flats because they are comfy… I bought new Oliver and Co. Ballet Flats and they are just how they are meant to be…. just like slippers (respite for the feet)…and very very pretty too!!

  • natasha says:

    I’d break my neck just trying to stand in these!

  • nettyballs says:

    do they remind anyone else of the little plastic barbie shoes?

  • Cindy says:

    These are kind of incredible!

  • Bianca-Rose says:

    I wonder how many inches those are??

    By the way you’ve used “where” instead of “were” a couple of times in this post – just a heads up!

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