10 best half-moon mani colour combos!

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You've probably already heard of the half-moon manicure. And if you haven't, you would've seen your favorite celebs rocking the look (think Lady GaGa, Rhianna, and Dita Von Teese). But it's not just for celebs, and we've rounded-up lots of awesome nail-spiration so you can try it out yourself.


1. Keeping it simple.

What a classic look. We can totally see these nails paired with a sexy LBD  and full red lips.


Bloom Cosmetics Portia, $19.95, bloomcosmetics.com

Bloom Cosmetics Linda, $19.95, bloomcosmetics.com

Image courtesy of stylelist.com


How did your half moon mani turn out? Was it an utter disaster (damn those uncontrollably shakey hands). What colours did you pick?

Tell us your secrets to the perfect manicure in the comments below.

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