5 of the best: Lipglosses we swear by!

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5 of the best: Lipglosses we swear by! | lip service feature beauty 2  pictures

Open up your handbag. Exactly how many shiny, multi-coloured, bellini-scented tubes and pots do you have in there? If you're anything like us it will be roughly 147. Which means you (and we) probably know a thing or two about which lip lacquers are really worth the money (and which are just taking up valuable handbag real estate!).

Best super-glossy gloss - MAC Lipglass

It's an oldie, but a goodie. And despite Paris Hilton swearing by it, it really is one classy (and glassy) little number. If you want your lips to look almost breakable then this is the tube for you. And with its cult status and fab new shades being added every season, this is one beauty product we'll happily commit too.

SHOP IT: MAC Tinted Lipglass, $35, maccosmetics.com.au

Best budget gloss -  Maybelline Sensational Shine Gloss

Save money for more important things (like bags and shoes) with this little tube of delish smelling shimmer. Not only is it light on your pocket, it's light on your kisser too! Giving a gorgeous pearly non-stick shine the more expensive brands should be jealous of.

SHOP IT: Maybelline Sensational Shine gloss, $11.72, colesonline.com.au

Best conditioning gloss - Smashbox Lip Enhancing Gloss

Want your pout to not just look good, but feel great too? Smashbox's Lip enhancing Gloss nourishes lips with a drenching of Vitamin E and sunflower seed oil while also upping your pouting power with a creamy touch of kiss-me-now colour.

SHOP IT: Smashbox Lip Enhancing gloss, $26.95, meccacosmetica.com.au

Best non-sticky gloss - Rimmel Vinyl Gloss

Hate it how a freshly glossed pout seems to have an almost magnetic effect on your blow-out? Us too! So give stick the flick with this genius Rimmel gloss.

SHOP IT: Rimmel Vinyl Gloss, $13.38, colesonline.com.au

Best long-wearing gloss - Clinique Long Last Glosswear

When it comes to beauty products, anything that doesn't last longer than a few cocktails (or coffees) goes straight into our too-hard (re-gift to friends) basket. We are low-maintenance girls, we like our beauty products to be the same. Which is why we love this last most-of-the-day gloss. According to the pack  it stays put for eight hours, four is more accurate, but that's still better than most! And it also has SPF15 to keep your pout pretty for years to come.

SHOP IT: Clinique Long Last Glosswear, $35, clinique.com.au

5 of the best: Lipglosses we swear by! | lip service feature beauty 2  pictures



What are your favourite lip glosses? Tell us in the comments below!

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