Quiz: Does your mani match your spending style?

You know how they say you can tell a lot about a person by looking at their shoes? Well we think there also seems to be some sort of spooky correlation between the hues you choose for your digits and how you shop. Seriously, it’s uncanny! Suss out below what message your mani is sending to the world and see if you agree.


GREY – Waity Katie

You’re not the type to jump at the hint of a new trend. You’d rather bide your time and make sure you really, truly like something before you take the plunge. And there’s nothing wrong with that (we bet you don’t have a wardrobe full of barely worn “what was I thinking” clothes either do you). Although it’s also good to get a little brave sometimes, especially with something as low risk as nail polish. Go on, we dare you!

Image courtesy of Larissa M. @ lookbook.nu

YELLOW – The Early Adopter

This shade only really popped onto the radar a few days ago, but yours is looking a little chipped already. You’re always ahead of the trends,  often your friends will be wearing your ‘so last season’ wardrobe six months after you. But beware, some trends need to left up to the professionals *cough* Lady GaGa.

Image courtesy of Sian O. @ lookbook.nu

RED – Fan of the classics

You get your advice from the old Hollywood classics. Only the best of the best for you, which means you’re quite the saver. Especially for that totally worth it Chanel tote that goes perfectly with those chic red nails of yours. Just remember, you can get a little more out of those cheaper imitations (like a matching wallet and pumps!), for the same price. Break that expensive habit!

Image courtesy of Francesca S. @ lookbook.nu

GREEN – The Style Stalker

You saw this shade on Rhianna’s digits and rushed to the shops didn’t you? It’s ok, we won’t tell. There’s nothing wrong with coveting a bit of celeb style. Just make sure you keep check on your non-celeb budget, keeping up with the Kardashian’s in the nail polish stakes is one thing… but unless you also aim to make $17million in royalties from your wedding, maybe give the matching bag collection a miss.

Image courtesy of Jessica T. @ lookbook.nu

MULTICOLOURS – Daydream Believer.

You’re a daydreamer at heart, and lucky for you the 70’s and colour are back in! This season is going to do wonders for your wardrobe, but maybe not so much for your wallet. So to make a little extra cash for those vintage pieces you’re dying to get your little paws on, maybe sell some of those clothes you no longer wear. If you can bare it that is.

Image courtesy of Sandy R. @ lookbook.nu

Main picture courtesy of CND at NYFW.

Article by Chalsie Mew & Stephanie Leddin

Do you paint your nails according to your mood? Or do you stick with one colour? Tell us your nail likes and dislikes!

Chalsie M

I'm not much of a bag or shoe girl, I like to spend my money on clothes (lots and lots of clothes!).

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The new OPI crackle polishes are great to revamp colours you get bored of and make it look like you have made a huge effort when you haven't! Use a top coat to smooth out there otherwise it feels horrible!


I wear clear nails for work and coral for weekends! Not sure what category I would fit into... 🙂


BYS (the cheap brand you get at Kmart etc) has polish that changes colour by body temp. You get 2 colours in one bottle, and the best bit is the price!!

DDGD - Kate

Like mood ring for your nails? Love this!


I like making patterns and pictures on my nails. Like today I have highlighter orange with 3 colours of dots in the corner of each nail. Or last week I had pink frosting with sprinkles colours on my nails to represent cupcakes. I'd love to know what type of person I am with these nails... If I'm not on there, does that I'm in individual? 🙂


I have to say I am a repeat offender of chipped nailpolish-especially black! But I love having red or coral toenails!


I try to match my nails to my outfit, but since that takes too much effort to maintain, I like to stick to colours that will go with everything, like navys or taupes.


I can't go past red polish!!! Although I have a beautiful navy colour on at the moment! My latest obsession though is Shelac! My local nail salon does it and I have it on for 3 weeks at a time with not a single chip!!!


Hmmmm. I tend to try all different things. Currently pink sparkle, bright orange, baby yellow, bright blue, lavender, baby pink and baby blue are all on high rotation. If I can't choose I will go multicoloured (love the baby pink, purple and yellow combo, or bright orange, red and yellow combo) or polka dots. I have made a mani category of my own seemingly!