Olivia Palermo’s blog is live!

Olivia Palermo blog launcesWe've been waiting very impatiently for this day since way back in July when we first heard about Olivia Palermo's blogging plans - and now it's here! Olivia Palermo's blog is all frocked up and live on the interwebs (check it out at www.oliviapalermo.com).

olivia palermo blog

Personally I thought it was going to be a bit more like Whitney Port's blog, which is all happy snaps, and favourite things and just a general peek into her OTT glamourous life (along with gold-dust snippets of fashiony starlet wisdom as well). Where as Ollie P's online offering seems more like a mini personal fashion magazine (with a staff of 16 including US Elle's Senior Accessories Editor Kyle Anderson!) that covers off Olivia & co's take on the top trends and how to wear them.


What do you think of Olivia Palermo's new blog?



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