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    Today is a sad day, because I opened my wallets and realised, I definitely won’t be able to just skip the delicious 3pm choccie fix and much needed daily caffeine hit to save for these more than perfect Miu Miu sparkle heels. Unless I did it for the entire year (not going to happen!). So I got my thinking cap on, and decided every gal deserves a bit of sparkle (not just me), so why don’t you treat yourself to a Miu Miu Mani instead!

    What you will need: a sparkle nail polish to match those glorious shoes.

    SHOP IT: Golden Nugget, $18.95, shoebedoo.com.au , Lucille, $19.95, bloomcosmetics.com , Royal Navy, $9.95, orlybeauty.com.au , Devine Swine, $16.95, onlinebeautyproducts.com.au


    What does your hue say about you?

    Gold – The party girl

    Being noticed isn’t that bad (in fact it’s compulsory!). So for the girl who loves to be seen in all the right places, wearing all the right things, high-glitter gold is the perfect colour for you.

    Pink – The girlie girl

    The girlie girl knows what she likes, and isn’t afraid to show it. So flaunt your fairy floss toned digit bling! Because pink and glitter work together like floral prints and everything else!

    Blue – The fashion maven

    You’re a fashionista who knows what’s on trend, and what definitely is not! You’re probably already well aware denim blue is the new navy. Did we just see you mouthing duh to to yourself?

    Purple – The attention seeker

    This purple is like nothing else.  It’s vibrant and definitely has a ‘wow’ factor.  It’s the colour Barbie would wear… if she was on crack!



     DDGTV: Get your glitter on!

    And while you’re at it, why not get a bit old-skool with your sparkle and opt for a glittery Miu Miu French mani instead.



    What’s your favorite nail polish trend of the year?

    Chalsie M

    I'm not much of a bag or shoe girl, I like to spend my money on clothes (lots and lots of clothes!).

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    This is a great idea for those who couldn't afford a Miu Miu glittered shoes yet :))


    I really want to find a bronze/glittery nail polish but I'm really falling for the OPI Devine Swine