Guest edit: Fight the Summer Frizz

When it comes to a girls stylish summer wardrobe, frizzy hair is not on the shop of anyone's shopping list.

A common misconception is that frizz is caused by summer humidity. Wrong!

Frizz is a result of hair breakage, often from vigorous brushing when hair is wet. So take it easy on your hair this summer and don’t over do it when it comes to brushing, styling of use of heat tools.

To avoid or repair frizz, trims and treatments are the top 2 must do’s.

Be sure to book in your bi-monthly trims throughout summer to keep hair smooth and healthy. Ask your stylist to recommend a repair treatment for your hair that will close the hair cuticle and repair its internal structure whilst trapping in moisture.

At home you can dry your hair off 80% (without blasting) and scrunch or twist through a leave in treatment such as Argan Oil to help embrace the hairs natural movement and control frizz.

And a little tip regarding split ends……

Once your ends start to split, cut them off! They will only get worse.

Try These Treatments:


Born Again by Kevin Murphy, $49.95, , Penetraitt by Sebastian Professional, $18, , Super Strong Treatment by Paul Mitchell, $23,

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