Make it: Make any heels… Burberry heels!

burberry DIY 2

I have a HUGE crush on the latest Burberry campaign (bottom pic), and I had already decided to start saving my pennies because I need to own these heels. Like now! But then I found this way easy tute on how to DIY them, and I can't believe I didn't think of doing it myself. Yay!


You need - brown and red wooden beads and black string.
And a pair of strappy heels (any really will do, the ones in the DIY are from New Look).

1. I strung the beads so that I had two red and two brown strings of beads for each shoe - about 15cm long each.
2. I then tied two of each color together, securing at each end with black string, and then tying that string together in a bow at the back of the shoe. Essentially you will have 'necklaces' of brown and red beads for each shoe.
3 - Voila! The best bit about these embellishments is you can wear them with any shoes, they also look great on some black t-bar flats I have. Instant tribal wardrobe updater.

burberry DIY 1

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