Shop it: Practical and pretty… our 2012 diary picks

Do you remember how exciting getting your new school books each year used to be? Or was that just me?

Either way I now find cracking the spine on a brand new day planner just as thrilling - or at least it helps me get through the first-day-back-at-work blues - it doesn't hurt when they look this spesh either.


  • KaijaS says:

    These were great- but you missed my favourite- the diary put forward by Frankie Magazine ( They always run out really quickly (I nearly didn’t get one last year), but they’re so gorgeous, with patterns and spaces for notes at the back- this year even came with perforated calling cards to hand out to new people.


  • sommy7 says:

    Love my diary- a must have for me

  • Tamsyne says:

    About to go get my new diary now! Been a bit slack! Great inspiration! x

  • boo says:

    I always seem to need to buy my diary super early!
    But yes I get so excited about the prospect of a new diary and weighing up all the contenders to get the best one!

    This year I got the smaller Kikki.K one it is so cute and pastel coloured and has pictures of icecreams and like throughout! I like small ones that have enough space for everything without being too big they don’t fit in my handbag!


    Oh I didn’t know Frankie did one!!!
    Where do you usually get them from?? I will definately have to keep an eye out for it next year!

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