Shopping news: TEXTILE Elizabeth & James do neons exclusively for Shopbop

Textile Elizabeth & James for Shopbop

Move over H&M for Versace. Take a hike Missoni for Target. We never wanted to wait in line over night to be able to buy you anyway.

Thanks to our good old pal the interwebs - missing out on the latest designer collaborations is now so 2011. And kicking off the online-only exclusives in this gorgeous range of neon-hued denims from TEXTILE Elizabeth & James available now exclusively at Shopbop.

What's that you say? You'd rather get busy with a yellow Sharpie all DIY stylee than pay $170 for a pair of neon denim cut offs? Well, fair enough. Although if you hand starts to cramp and you change your mind at least now you know where to go!

Prices range from US$96 - $371. Check out the full range of TEXTILE Elizabeth & James for Shopbop here.

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