Best in sale: The best next-season knits at last-season prices

Sorry if I am repeating myself. But really, if you're not stocking up on your next-season winter essentials right now then we might need to have a serious chat. Think about it. No other season is as expensive as winter (wool jackets, leather boots and quality knits don't come cheap). And on top of that, in no other season do we rely so heavily on our wardrobe to cheer us up, and get us through the cold, dark days.
So stop Googling the darn Superbowl ads, and get out your credit card. You can thank me later. Chocolates are fine.

HINT: Need to know what to look out for trend wise? Super chunky cable knits are at the top of our lists, as is rough finished pieces, cheesy  prints and bold hues.


  • Tess says:

    I’m really loving all these natural knits coming in for the cooler months, as much as I don’t want to think about the end of Summer!

  • Zerotolove says:

    Love that first one, the stripey knit looks a bit… eh.

  • Liberté says:

    I love this outfit! I don’t know what complements more, the knit jumper of the massive statement pants. Either way hot hot hot.

  • sungyoung says:

    Chunky cable knits are gorgeous! I really like any of the sportsgirl ones hehe!

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