Expert Q&A: Tayla Bergmann from Bio Sculpture Nails

It's no secret that DDG gals are a bit gooey-eyed over fancy nail art and out-there  mani's (yes, we're addicted to nail porn) to the point where we just had to get an interview with Tayla Bergmann, who is equally as obsessed with all things nails and fronts the legendary Bio Sculpture Gel empire. As operations manager for  the award-winning nail care brand, Tayla has a plethora of nail trend knowledge that we were eager to get our claws on (literally, ha!).

Here's what she had to say:

What nail trends will be bigger than Kanye's ego for 2012?

With the success of the Snakeskin Sensation nail art in 2011, more embedding nail art will emerge in 2012 with the likes of feathers and lace! Colourwise, military toned nails will be a hot trend, complemented with African themes and animal prints.

How long should our claws be this year?

Short, dark coloured nails are currently on trend but we have been noticing a lot more round pointed nails emerging. These are often accompanied with beautiful nail art, with different colours and designs on each nail, an influence from the Japanese market and their nail technicians.

Is it true - nail art is taking over the world, one mani at a time?

Yes, definitely! Nail art is becoming a lot more on trend with what is happening in the fashion world. It has always been popular overseas but now it has hit finally hit the Australian shore.

Which shade of nail varnish will be the 'It Girl' this year?

In the past, I have noticed a lot more grey but black is still a very popular choice, even in summer.  This year I think navy nails will be very popular, closely followed by army green. Our Vintage Africa Collection is our forecast for the new colours for 2012.

How do we keep our talons looking and feeling healthy?

Keep your cuticles and nails moisturised and do not use dehydrating products. Just like your skin, your nails need daily moisture too to keep them healthy from dehydrating substances such as soap, water, detergents, etc. At Bio Sculpture we offer must-have nail treatments especially designed to nourish and moisturise nails.

Go on, tell us... what makes Bio Sculpture so amazing?

Bio Sculpture offers added strength or flexibility to your nails depending on your nail type, condition, length and lifestyle - it really is a nail technicians dream! You can do everything with Bio Sculpture from a non chip manicure and pedicure, to correcting a nail shape, extending nails and nail art. The options are endless all whilst using a healthy and safe system.


Reader Questions
Here's what Tayla had to say to our Facebook peeps:

"I'm a solo mum and have very weak nails that break easily even with strengthened nail polish. Is there any thing I can do to make them stronger? I spend a lot of time in the water."

Yes it is important to keep your nails hydrated, especially as you are in water a lot. Water is actually very dehydrating, you will see after your nails are in water for a while they turn transparent. Like hair and skin our nails need moisturisation too, especially as they are exposed to more elements and chemicals than any other part of our bodies. Bio Sculpture will help protect your nails from breaking and will also help to increase their strength if used in conjunction with our treatment varnishes (nail & cuticle conditioner, vitamin dose).

"If you are trying to do your own nail patterns what is the best type of brush/pen etc to use to get fine details?"

We always use a number 1 fine detail brush for nail art, which allows you to create really intricate patterns. Another great tool is a dotting tool which helps you create small perfect dots or drag art.

By Kristina Ioannou


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