Gallery: How to wear statement jackets (and not have them wear you!)

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Have you ever walked past someone and instantly fallen in love with what they are wearing,  but told yourself that you could never pull it off?  It's too out there, too bright?  Well with the cooler weather sneaking up on us, it's almost time to cover up, and the only way to do that in 2012 is with any combination of bright colours,  patterns, embellishments and prints. And I promise, you can definitely pull it off!

If you want to become that person who someone else walks past and thinks "wow, I want what she's wearing", but you're not quite sure where to start,  then take a look at these.

PS - The key to getting away with any statement item of clothing, is to work it back by keeping everything else nice and simple. Kapeesh?

Happy shopping!!

How many statement jackets are on your wish list for Autumn?


  • claudia.xx says:

    I love the first look! sequin blazers are my new love xx

  • sommy7 says:

    The black and white striped jacket is a classic

  • jessicao says:

    the gold jacket is amazing!! i love all the different colour jackets, its such a change from the normal black blazer!

  • Bkz1 says:

    Great gallery, thanks for the tips!

  • jenna_louise3 says:

    I have been looking everywhere to buy that Zara sequin blazer, and I cannot find it anywhere.
    I want that jacket!!!!

  • rochellemara says:

    Im keen on a floral blazer (saw one i like with a semi digital floral print at sussan) but not sure I can pull off it as a bigger girl with big boobs!

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