The good news: Literally bite Anna Wintour’s head off, bye-bye Whitney and Beyonce’s blogging bub

molly bakes fashion people pops

Bite Anna Wintour's head off... she tastes like vanilla!

Just in time for New York Fashion Week, as UK bakery (OK, so not that local) have created a way-too-cite range of cake pops in honour of some of fashions more recognisable faces. There is Anna Wintour (of course), curve-hating Karl (yeah, we're not over it yet), and larger than life Andre Leon Talley. If only they delivered internationally!! []

Adele-Vogue-US cover

Adele's first US Vogue cover (take that Karl!)

It's not that we hold a grudge, but seriously is there any better way to give the finger to your haters than to appear on the cover of US Vogue just days later looking absolutely amazing!

Blue Ivy Carter photosBlue Ivy Carter has her own blog already

We already knew this kid was going to be cool with a capital K. How could she not be with the awesome gene pools she's from. But to be just days old and already have her own Tumblr account, well that's just out of control!  Now of course the account was actually set up by her doting parents as way to share their little bundle with their fans (No seven figure magazine exclusives here!), and it kind of makes us love them even more for it. []

Whitney Houston

Bye bye Whitney Houston

So it's not good news, it's not even new news, but we couldn't do a news round up without paying our respects to one of the most talented female vocalists - and most popular Karaoke muses -  of our lifetime. RIP Whitney.


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