Beauty moodboard: We heart top knots

We heart all things Top Knot here at the DDG office, and I'd bet my bottom dollar you too are coveting this gem of a hairstyle. It's an easy, versatile and quick 'do to throw together and best of all it can look polished-chic or messy-cool, and there are just so many different styles to play around with. From hidden braid buns to messy up-dos, this is one tresses choice you'll definitely want to dabble with (duh!). After all, when a hairstyle is used on the runways for several consecutive seasons, there has to be a reason, right? Right.

Love the look of some of these styles? Here's how to get them:

1. Find out how to get the perfect donut bun here.

2. Learn how to do the amazing upside down braid bun.

3. Pump up the volume with this big bun tutorial.

4. Joey Scandizzo shows us how to get the perfect summer bun.


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Images courtesy of 1., 2., 3., 4., 5., 6.


By Kristina Ioannou

Which is your favourite bun from the moodboard? Comment below!



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