DDG DIY round up: 4 fast and easy way to save your tired old soles

diy sole saviours

diy heels updates

Have you ever loved a pair of shoes so much, that you might say you've literally loved them to death. Or perhaps you've got a pair of semi sensible but oh-so comfortable heels, that you wish didn't look quite so... well... sensible? Well it's DDGD to the rescue, with four fantastic and thrifty ways to resuscitate your beloved [insert the shoe type here].


1. Glitter them heels!

Maybe your heels are looking a little scuffed and worn. Or perhaps they are just a plain old yawns-ville matching hue. Regardless, this mega easy DIY will not just bring them back to life, but also bump them up to the top of your must-wear list once again. All you need is a pair of boring old shoes with either a leather, patent or other fabric covered heel, some masking tape and some glitter nail polish (or a spray can of glitter paint, but who ever has that lying around!) and you're good to go.


1. Clean up the heel with some rubbing alcohol to remove and dirt or other nasties.

2. Use the masking tape to tape off all the areas around the heel you don't want painted, and to define a clear edge which will give you a profesh looking finish (if you're a but clumsy, consider also wrapping the rest of the heel in a plastic bag).

3. Make like Divinci and paint those bad boys! You will probably need 3-4 coats depending on how glittery you want them to be. For an extra something special consider painting 2 coats of a gold or silver polish onto the heel first, and then glittering over the top.

4. Viola, you're done!

DIY inspired by TheFrugalGirls.com , image by katjusha-dawai.com



2. Get your bright on

Maybe sparkles aren't really your thing? Well you can swap out the glitter polish for a neon hued one and 'Hey, Presto!' you've got a pair of once-boring-pumps that are now bang-on trend.


1. Same as above, but use a neon coloured polish instead.

2. Consider first coating the heel with a white polish if the original colour was quite dark to make the end shade really pop!

DIY inspired by (and image supplied by) LoveMeagan.com. Read the full tutorial (and lots of other awesome DIY ideas) here.


3. Tie me up

This has to be the easiest DIY we've ever seen. Seriously, watch this video and try not to slap your forehead in one of those 'Why the heck didn't I think of that!' moments.Inspired by the ribbon adorned heels at Dries Van Noten, all you need is some...ahem..  ribbon, a pair of strappy heels, scissors and glue.


4. Bling yo' thing

Another runway inspired (but almost too easy) sole mate update are these embellished ankle straps from the lovely Kristen Turner over at Glitter n Glue. This time you'll be channelling Nina Ricci and all you need are some super bling brooches and a pair of ankle strap heels to attach them to. Done and done!

DIY inspired by (and image supplied by) Glitternglue.com. Read the full tutorial (and lots of other awesome DIY ideas) here.

Bedazzled ankle straps


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