Miranda kerr iced tea

Aussie Supe' Miranda Kerr is the latest in a long line of celebs to get her Lost in Translation on, starring in a kinda kooky Japanese commercial. Not only does the leggy local don a canary yellow tuxedo dress, she also lip syncs along to the cheery Japanese jingle. It's not exactly the Victoria's Secret parade, but we're pretty sure the pay cheque would have been just as heavenly.

Anyone else really feel like some lemon iced tea right now?

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  • janelleb.xo

    nearly anybody else wearing this or doing this would look ridiculous, but she still looks perfect!!

  • coldtearsx3

    This was a little awkward to watch…..

  • MidnightBlueRose

    The ad is a little kooky, though Miranda looks amazing as always!

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