Make it: Make Your Own Lace Skirt in 7 easy steps (even 5 if you’re very lazy!)



I was adoring the lace skirts and dresses so much for so long. Especially this season they're everywhere! I thought making a chic lace pencil  or a mini skirt wouldn't be that hard.

Guess what? My first attempt proved me right!

Just follow these 7 simple steps below and you can easily make your own lace skirts in any color you like! And you don't need to have advanced sewing skills to do it yourself...

- a simple skirt pattern to work with
- OR a pencil or mini skirt that you already have and would like to recycle.
- a bright colored fabric for the lining
- 3-4 meters of lace band
- fusible interlining tape
- scissors,
- threads (in the color of lace band)
- and high spirits!

1- If you're into sewing find a simple skirt pattern. I've used one from Burda patterns.
If you're NOT into sewing, just look for an old pencil or mini skirt that you'd like to recycle.
2- In either case, use a fabric with a bright color (that would "shine through" the lace) and make the skirt in any length you like.
3- For the one who'd like to sew their skirt - do not assemble the front and back parts of the skirt. You'll do it when you finish stitching the lace bands.
3- Attach the fusible interlining tape to the lace bands (photo 2 in this post)
4- fold the interlining backwards and pin it onto the skirt. (go to my blog for more explanatory photos!)
5- Attach the lace bands one by one onto the skirt and iron them before you sew or hand-stitch them onto the skirt. Pay special attention to matching the bands properly. You wouldn't want to have uneven lace bands at the end.

(for the lazy girls who have already used an existing skirt for lining - go out and have fun with your new skirt!)

6- Stitch front and back parts of the skirt together.
7- Sew your zipper and the facings onto the skirt.
Off you go! Enjoy your new DIY skirt.

for more details on how-to steps, visit my blog:




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