Make it: Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve


The humble elbow patch can make quite a statement. This isn't any elbow patch though...

You can literally wear your heart on your sleeve with this cute DIY tutorial.

You’ll need:

♥ a wool sweater
♥ 1/2 yard of felt (any color you want)
♥ a pair of sharp scissors
♥ a needle, thread, sewing chalk and sewing pins




Mark the place on each elbow where you want the patch to be with tape or a pin. Take the piece and fold it in half. Put a pin at 7 inches (half the width of the sleeve) to ensure you don't cut the heart wider than the sleeve is.

Use sewing chalk to draw half a heart onto the felt with the center at the fold, then cut out. This half heart method ensures both sides are perfectly even.

Trace around the first heart onto the remaining felt fabric and then cut. Place one of the heart patches over the sleeve of the sweater to make sure it's a good size for the sleeve. Next, use the sewing pins to pin the heart patches onto the elbow marks you made earlier. To make sure the patches are even on both sides, measure from the bottom of the heart to the end of the sleeve.

Thread your needle and sew around the edges of the heart patch, securing it to the sleeve. Repeat on the other side.


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