Masterclass: How to get the upside down braid bun you’ve all been drooling over

Remember this babin' braid? You know, the one all you ridiculously awesome Facebook peeps obsessed about a while back. It's the hairstyle that's making the beauty-sharing world mad with lust and it's coming to a head of hair near you! And since I promised a tutorial, I decided it was prime time I delivered. Enjoy hair-istas - it's easier than it looks!



Step 1. Use a curling iron to curl everything under. This will make it easier to tuck pieces into the bun.

Step 2. Flip your hair over and gather everything into a ponytail on top of you head, securing it with an elastic ponytail holder.

Step 3: On the last time around with the ponytail holder, only pull the ponytail through half way.

Step 4. Take the loop you’ve created and spread it out. Just widen it and allow it to be somewhat messy.

Step 5. Take the tail end and wrap it around the ponytail base. Now that you're done... welcome to the Braid-y Bunch!

How-to video courtesy of Cerinebabyyish ,  image courtesy of

By Kristina Ioannou


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