Moodboard: Rock a pink lip!

All aboard the pink lip bandwagon! This shade of girly glamour is the perfect hue for a pucker-up pout and will suit all skin types (so no excuses!). If you're into silken crimson-pinks or neon hues or the highly coveted pale pink lip, then this moodboard will inspire the bold lip prowess in you fo sho'.  And as long as you're supporting Team Pink, you can't go wrong, because as they say - go bold or go home!

Images courtesy of 1., 2.,  3., 4., 5., 6.

By Kristina Ioannou


  • Peta says:

    I love #5! I prefer a more subtle pink for daytime wear though, I just cant pull off a bright pink at work.

  • monisme says:

    Just in my LimeCrime collection alone I have 3 different pinks… a barbie pink, a hot pink and a baby pink. Pink lips are amazing!

  • GrizzlyFawn says:

    Love shade no. 1, it’s so cute!

  • Grande says:

    The first shade looks amazing! My favourite is a matte lipstick by Artdeco.

  • Interregnum says:

    I loooooove number 5. So gorgeous, I have one just like it and it’s my favourite for amping up otherwise ordinary outfits. I’m really pale and I think it looks amazing standing out against my skin.

  • DanaH says:

    I absolutely love #1. Does anyone know who it’s by?

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