Nail It: ASOS + Nail Rock = neons, novelty prints and nu-rave smiley faces!


ASOS have quite literally nailed it yet again thanks to their latest series of kitsch nail wraps sold exclusively at their online store (shotgun the smiley face ones!). The recent collab with, features 12 adhesive nail wraps that are inspired by Asos' renowned high summer collections, which if you ask me is pure genius, given the rising trend of fashion fuelled nail artistry. The prints feature cheesy-cute designs including saucer-eyed kittens, fuzzy bears, and gleeful hearts which make us "remember the days of the old school yard" (betcha won't be able to get that tune outta' your head for the rest of the day!).

The transfers are easy to apply plus they're chip resistant and last around seven days. Sick of em'? Simply peel them off and apply your new set of centre-stage nail prints which you have undoubtedly purchased in bulk. You can even buy a set with cute little teddies and starfish! Obsessed much? Why yes, yes I am.


Asos Nail Wraps, $10.87,

By Kristina Ioannou


  • Peta says:

    These look fantastic, I just have to decide which ones to get… Probably the cupcakes and teddies, and maybe some metallic ones for in between.

  • monisme says:

    I would definitely go for the sprinkles! The others look adorable on the screen, but I can’t imagine them all over my fingers… maybe just on one nail per hand at a time

  • Rosy says:

    I bought the teddy ones a montha go, tried one on and they’re just not very good. They’re too thick, so they fold over where your nail curves down at the tip.
    I’ve tried many nail foils and was so disappointed because the designs are adorable! :(

  • Rebecca says:

    How super cute are these!? I like the look of the sprinkles and cupcakes.

  • Bkz1 says:

    These are absolutely AMAZING. I MUST GET THESE!!!!

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