Ode to…. Bloom Organics All Purpose Body Balm, the magical pot of goodness!

By (DDG$: 98263) , on 30.03.12 3 comments

Ode to.... Bloom Organics All Purpose Body Balm, the magical pot of goodness! | feature beauty 2  picturesAmongst my beauty travels, I've come across prods good, bad and some that are just plain bizarre (don't ask). Every now and then, some fall onto my desk that fast become my absolute addictions, so much so that I'm bragging to friends, fam and even the elderly lass at the supermarket about how much I covet this particular lotion, powder or potion (true story). Bloom Organics All Purpose Body Balm is one of those obsessions and it's got me silently wishing I'd discovered it earlier.

Our love affair happened by chance when I decided to haul this bad boy home for a good old test-drive.  Why? Because there were dry areas on my skin that made me thirsty just looking at them! Enter: balm of wonder, and my parched areas are given their much needed skin liquor.

Upon opening the glass container, I was met with a truly aromatic scent reminiscent of a luxe day spa. Salivation may or may not have occurred. Turns out, this smell was thanks to a mix of yummy extracts like organic grapefruit, cedarwood and ylang ylang Essential Oils. Although the surface of the balm was initially sturdy, a few swipes with my fingers did the trick and I was able to massage it into problem areas of my skin (like that annoying place just below the wrist that can occasionally dry out from too much edge-of-the-desk typing. Don't know what I mean? Ask someone who is writing a book, they'll be sure to tell you of this p!ssy sitch!). Amongst this, I've been smoothing this silky mixture onto my lips, nail cuticles and all over my hands. The verdict? Rahhhhhspect! That dry icky area below my wrist - all cleared-up! I no lie, only moments ago I was flaunting my upturned hands to the DDG office gals like a proud mother hen. My lips are noticeably a lot less chapped and my hands feel silky smooth not to mention I detect a teensy tiny difference in the strength of my nails considering there's been absolutely no breakages this past week and my talons are infamous for them!

Ode to.... Bloom Organics All Purpose Body Balm, the magical pot of goodness! | feature beauty 2  pictures

The balm contains shea butter, jojoba and evening primrose oils and is 100% Australian Certified Organic, making it the perfect solution for your skin compounds which are undoubtedly screaming for a good old balm to calm their woes.

I heart this all purpose skin salve, maybe more than I do pistachio macaroons. And I freakin' love pistachio macaroons.


Bloom Organics All-Purpose Body Balm, $28, bloomcosmetics.com

By Kristina Ioannou

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