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  • Smurf Alert: Too Faced Cosmetics launches too-cute collection

    Recently, there’s been an insurgence of cartoon-inspired makeup collabs, (think: Miss Piggy, Hello Kitty and Barbie), namely because despite being all grown up, it seems we still haven’t grown out of the thrill of some of our childhood faves. And trust me, if you were a kid in the late 80s/early 90s, undoubtedly at some point during your youth, you would have been glued to the TV screen, shoving down handfuls of muncheros (they were so rad) as you watched a throng of tiny blue people escape from the evil villain Gargamel (we’re talking about Smurfs in case you haven’t got the memo). In fact, The Smurfs played such a huge role in some of our wee innocent lives, Too Faced cosmetics have gone and decided it’s prime time someone paid well-deserved tribute to them off the big screen by dedicating a whole makeup line solely to these tiny blue fellas (and one Smurfette).

    “It was late at night, I was sad and was looking in a drawer full of memories when I found a Smurfette toy. I asked myself: what ever happened to Smurfette?”Jerrod Blandino, creative director for Too Faced, wrote on his blog.  Hats off to you Mr Blandino!

    From face powders, eye shadows, lip glosses to liquid eyeliners and other beauty goodies, this range will focus on hues that commemorate these animated heroes, with colours like blues, pinks and lavenders featured largely. I want first dibs on their Mood Swing Lip Gloss and a Glittery Smurfy Eyed Liquid Liner (mine, mine, all mine!).

    When will this retro -cool Smurfette collection land in Oz? Watch this space!

    By Kristina Ioannou

    Images courtesy of Too Faced

    Kristina Ioannou (Beauty Editor)

    I like 2pac and lipstick and using the word 'lol' when I have nothing else to say. Lol.

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    The product might be amazing, but I find all the cartoon colabs a little bit tacky. Gaining inspiration for colour palettes from certain cartoons is more than ok, I just don't really like having smurfs or other cartoon characters plastered over my makeup cases. Each to their own though!


    The collection looks very cute and all, though I don't see myself picking this up. The eye shadows look wearable and pretty, though not really unique.


    Looks like a cute gift give someone 🙂


    Very cute, but at the age of 40 I feel a little too old for this!


    I love this I think its just too cute. Would make a perfect gift too.