The good news: The Beeb’s tries to toughen up & Alexander Wang’s store is egged!

Alexander Wang's Soho Shop Egged

Uh oh, it seems as though all of Alexander Wang’s problems are coming to a “boil”!

It’s no news that Alexander Wang isn’t everyone’s favourite person right now after the horrible sweatshop allegations, but it looks as though someone is out to show Wang what they really think of him by egging every window of his famous SOHO Store.

What do you think? Was the egging just some weird coincidence and just an immature prank or was it a personal attack on Wang? [Refinery29]

Justin Bieber boxing shoot


Justin Bieber tries to toughen it up

Say goodbye to baby faced Bieber and hello to the new tough guy Beebs! Justin Bieber has been delivered a nasty beating for a recent photo shoot with photographer Tony Kelly for the Complex Magazine.  The shoot shows Bieber getting beaten up in the boxing ring covered in blood from head to toe!  All you fans suffering from a serious case of Bieber Fever, don't worry because  the  face you all love and adore is still in one piece!

Can the Beebs really pull off this tough guy act or is he still a baby at heart? [complex]



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  • claudia.xx says:

    definitely not a coincidence that his store was egged, how often to high end designer label’s stores get egged?

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