Wear it: The dummies guide to denim on denim


Okay, I get it. Usually when the words 'denim on denim' are mentioned in the same sentence it usually is followed by some cringing and a montage of celebrities committing fashion suicide (Britney and Justin we're looking at you!) Our first reaction is horrifying, a definite no no.

But if you follow these few simple steps you can look on trend for the upcoming chilly season and feel a sense of accomplishment for conquering one the trickiest trends to pull off!

1. Use different shades of denim to break up your outfit. Try dark jeans with a light chambray top, or a denim top with black jeans.
2. Try it with accessories. A denim bag or bangles with a pair of jeans is an easy way to rock this trend!
3. Avoid looking costumey by shying away from anything western. If a costumey look isn’t what you’re after, skip pairing this look with cowboy boots, huge belt buckles, fringe, etc. Keep it simple by making the denim be the major statement of your outfit.
4. Pair it with something feminine. A pretty headband, blingy earrings, floral print, and girly shoes will break up the industrial look of double denim.
5. Beware! Be careful of looking like a flash back from the 80's. Slap bracelets, fingerless gloves, crimped hair, or anything bedazzled can make denim on denim look dated and so not hot!
6. Remember the best way to rock a trend is to feel confident and be comfortable and this one is no different!

Good luck ladies! xoxo


Image by Image from Just-In-Time , Image from Just-In-Time


  • DDGD - Kate says:

    All such good advice Claudia! x

  • monisme says:

    I still can’t work out if I like double denim or not… I personally think I look like a 10 year old when wearing two pieces of denim

  • sungyoung says:

    I think when you pair different coloured denim, the look doesn’t looks so cringeworthy, like the models have done :) I like wearing black jeans, paired with something else denim :)

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