Reader masterclass: Ziggy Stardust (the second) inspired nails

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Loved the Ziggy Stardust nails how to courtesy of Miss Fox but my attempt to recreate it WITHOUT any of the required materials didn't go so well so I improvised with what I did have and this is what I ended up with!

1) I painted all nails with one coat of Orly Blue collar and left to dry.
2) Covered one third of the nails (on the left side) with scotch magic tape and paint the remaining 2/3 with Orly Witch's blue and left to dry.
3) Still working left to right covered 2/3 of the nail with tape and painted the last third with O.P.I Russian navy.
4) After leaving to dry painted one coat of O.P.I silver shatter over all nails.
5) Finished with a coat of O.P.I Servin' Up Sparkle for some extra ...well sparkle 😀

Because each layer has to be completely dry before going on to the next I recommend doing this in front of t.v! Paint a layer in the ads then sit back and relax watching your show while it dries!

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