10 yummo soups to keep you warm this winter

easy winter soups

Brrr... it's cold in here (and out there!), so why not warm up with one of these delish (and semi-healthy soups).

Like a big Ugg boot for your soul, you'll definitely win lunch with any of these ten warming dishes. And with everything from Asian Pho to a hearty Hungarian goulash (and even a taco soup!) you're not going to get bored in a hurry either.

Click through now and get ready to drool!



  • jazamino says:

    Aaahhh! Pho is my favourite dish…ever :)

  • monisme says:

    Oh my golly, the chickpea & chorizo, lentil and Pho soups all look incredible! Time to bust out the slow cooker for some soup loving!

  • Jamie Jams says:

    I love the sound of the Greek Lemon chicken soup. Not sure how I feel about lasagne soup though!

  • janelleb.xo says:

    can’t believe minestrone soup was over looked. it’s my all time fave and so easy to make!

  • georgie.farrelly says:

    I am very curious to that taco soup! Know what I will be making tomorrow night!

  • Tahrin says:

    My fave soup is chicken and corn soup yummy!!

  • monisme says:

    I made the chickpea and chorizo soup last night for my partner and he LOVED it (well so did I!). It was easy peasy to make and had so much flavour… definitely one to be filed away under the “winners” file in my recipe book!

  • mmitreska says:

    french onion soup with melted cheese and bread on top is a must for winter :)

  • rochellemara says:

    I wish I was a soup person…apart from pho and chicken soup I just dont like soup- but they look so good and they seem like theyd be great for winter but… :(

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