Autumn dresses: 17 gorgeous frocks that won’t break the bank

Autumn dressesSo what should you look out for when buying Autumn dresses? Firstly you want a frock that you'll neither bake or freeze in. One that will just as happily get along with a pair of opaques and a blazer, as it would strappy platforms and a floppy hat (depending on the weather).

Then, you might want to start looking forward to the key trends for the next few seasons (think floral, navy, peplum, lace, sheer cut-outs and even velvet), specially when you are only spending spare change like with some of the fab Autumn dresses we've rounded up here.

Finally you need to opt for something that will make you excited about getting out of bed each morning - because the icy-cold floor boards are going to put up a pretty good fight at keeping you snug under the covers... but armed with enough gorgeous and easy to wear Autumn dresses this is a battle we think you can win!

How many Autumn dresses have you bought so far? Go on, fess up!

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  • tamika says:

    After searching for a few weeks, I finally bought the cutest burgendy velvet dress today at Temt, it was a steal for only $24.99, and it came with a thin gold belt.

  • Alishes says:

    Must not spend, but there are some gorgeous dresses out there. I love velvet!

  • beautybabe says:

    There are some gorgeous dresses there! I especially like the one from Forever New! (:

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