Brand love: Aussie label Jolet is jolly good!

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We love the idea that your wardrobe can reflect your mood. And according to my trusty old mood ring my vibe is currently what ever colour "I really want a holiday" is,  so I think I should pretty much just get around in any of these gorgeous digi print frocks from local label Jolet until I actually get one, don't you agree?

True, these pieces are from their Spring/Summer collection (the winter range is just as amazing though), but as I said, I want a holiday, so the sales section is a much safer place for me to be hanging out right now anyway.

What do you think? Do you luuuurve Aussie label Jolet as much as we do?


SHOP IT:  Print dresses (from $220 on sale to $460),

Kate McKibbin (Editor)
Kate McKibbin (Editor)
Before launching in 2007 I worked for a whole bunch of women's glossies both here and in the UK including Shop Til You Drop, New Woman (RIP), (also RIP), Cosmopolitan UK, and I even had a column in FHM (RI... I might be jinxed!). And before all that I was listing shopping as my number one hobby from about the age of five.
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  • beautybabe

    There are some really pretty designs there! Love them!! (:

  • monisme

    Incredible! I love some pretty digital prints!

  • Jacquelinee

    WOW! They are gorgeous, I’m tempted to take photos of my own and print them onto clothing because those prices scare me a little. :(

    • DDGD - Kate

      That is a great idea!! If you do it let us know how it goes (and by let us, I mean show us, I’d love to see piccies!) X

  • Jacquelinee

    …or a lot. I can only stare and dream on.

  • Lana

    like a beautiful painting on each piece of clothing :)

  • Zerotolove

    Love Jolet! Their runways are always a treat x

  • Louise

    Loving the print designs, definitely a statement piece !

  • vavoom

    Some of these are nice. Something really different!

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