DDG DIY: A Chanel inspired rough stone necklace


diy chanel necklace 1

There was a little controversy over the chunky Amethyst accessories shown at the Chanel Fall 2012 runway (mostly because they looked rather a lot like cult-status pieces by Pamela Love). And while Karl & co have decided they won't actually produce some of the more "similar" items, out of respect for Ms Love, there is no reason why (with the help of this DIY) we can't channel them just a little!

How to: DIY Raw Crystal Necklace

You will need:
16 inches of chain
5 raw crystal or amethyst beds
2 jump rings
6 inches of 24 gauge wire

1. Cut two 8 inch pieces of chain. Thread your wire through one end of chain. Create a loop with the chain inside leaving 1/4 inch excess wire. Wrap excess wire.

2. Thread gemstones through the wire attached to chain.

3. Repeat step 1, attaching the other end of chain. Wrap and cut remaining wire. Attach clasp with jump rings.

 Tutorial and images courtesy of becauseimaddicted.net 


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