Etsy edit: YOUNG FRANKK sure knows how to make dem gems

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young frank etsy seller review

Love a bit of no-one-else-could-possibly-have-it (but they will all want it!) jewellery? Us too. Love it even more when it’s not crazy expensive (not that you need to tell all those jewellery box stalking people that), seriously, us too again (it’s like we share a brain!).

So you will definitely L.O.V.E this amazing Etsy seller, YOUNG FRANKK, who produce gorgeous hand made brass and gem stone gems, most well under the $100 mark.



Kate McKibbin (Editor)
Kate McKibbin (Editor)
Before launching in 2007 I worked for a whole bunch of women's glossies both here and in the UK including Shop Til You Drop, New Woman (RIP), (also RIP), Cosmopolitan UK, and I even had a column in FHM (RI... I might be jinxed!). And before all that I was listing shopping as my number one hobby from about the age of five.
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  • coldtearsx3

    Oh wow!! NEED!

  • MadelenaB

    super cool jewellery! will be checking this out for sure!

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