Gallery: How to wear neon knitwear this Winter

Neon knitwear sweater fashion trend winter

When we get a bright idea, we tend to like to flog it to death. Which is why you've probably already noticed that were are all kinds of excited about all things highlighter hued ( like here, here and here!).

And that our excitement has actually only intensified now that the weather has dulled (almost), because what better way to brighten up a gloomy winter's day than with some snuggly and bang-on neon knitwear!



Look for: Limey yellows or barbie pinks are the two hottest hues, and you'll want either a slim fit semi-sheer option, or a looser chunky style.

Goes with: Florals and denim are your new best friends, and don't forget to layer, neons and preppy shirts go hand-in-hand.

Want more?

Why not check out some of the community added styles over in the Clique closet, or our Pinterest board dedicated to our favourite ways to wear neon.


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  • monisme says:

    I love the idea of brightly coloured knits – even metallic knits – for winter. Winter doesn’t have to be about blacks, browns and greys!

    • Lana says:

      i completely agree! i am trying to bring more and more colour to my wardrobe as it always seems to be so dull and dark.
      i think that colours can really change peoples moods and walking around in bright clothes will make you feel much more confident than walking around in dark, boring clothes :)

  • Jacquelinee says:

    Awesome trend. Will definitely make the dull days brighter and fun. :)

    Great inspiration, bookmarking so I can come back for ideas. x

  • banana88 says:

    Definitely going to embrace coloured knits this winter. Thanks for uploading the post.

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