Haute look: Three cheers for peplum!

Peplum is definitely in our top five of 2012 trends (there are so many good ones this year!), and unlike all the colour and print based  fads this is one that you can apply to your wardrobe fairly sublty (or not, if subtle is not your thing). A fantastic option for anyone wanting to draw attention to/ or pretend that they have a really teeny waist. We're pretty sure you all going to look pretty hot in peplum!



Gold-plate choker necklace, $39, beginningboutique.com.au , Peplum top, $49.50, beginningboutique.com.au,  Floral pants, £30, warehouse.co.uk , Lace covered mary janes, $30 (on sale), zushoe.com.au


Outfit image courtesy of eatsleepwear.com




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