Hot topics: Tell us what you really think about Beyonce, books and bad trends…

Welcome to a brand new weekly post, where we throw the doors open and want to hear all about you!

Each week we’ll be posing 3 semi-topical topics and all you have to do is let us know your answers to each in the comments below. Easy? Too right. Fun? We hope so!!

Here goes week one!

1 – Does Beyonce’s share all candid Tumblr account make you like her more or less (check it out here:

2 -How many books are on your bed side table right now, how many are still unread, and which one is the best?

3 – What fashion trend have you tried and failed already this season?

Kate McKibbin (Editor)

Kate McKibbin (Editor)

Before launching in 2007 I worked for a whole bunch of women's glossies both here and in the UK including Shop Til You Drop, New Woman (RIP), (also RIP), Cosmopolitan UK, and I even had a column in FHM (RI... I might be jinxed!). And before all that I was listing shopping as my number one hobby from about the age of five.

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DDGD - Kate

Ok, I'll go first!

1 - I love her even more, the girl seems just like us, and I really think we could be great friends!

2 - 8, 3 unread, DVFs biography was probably the more interesting....

3 - Floral pants, they looked horrible, made my thighs look 10x bigger... bugger!

Ok, now your turn... and go!


Oooh... fun!

1. I think it all seems a bit fake, a bit 'look how real I am', but I've never been a big Beyonce fan. The woman bought her child a gold plated rocking horse for crying out loud!

2. 4, am re reading the Book Theif at the moment, such a good book!

3. Fluoro... the yellow and green shades make me look ill. 🙁

DDGD - Kate

I think fluoro needs a bit of a tan to pull off (specially the yellow and green), unless it's broken up by something else, which I think is how people who make it look good in Winter are actually doing it!


Great idea ladies!!

1. I love it, although she says it's what the world looks like through here eyes (and all the pics are of herself...)

2. About 100!! I think the Book Theif is in my pile too!

3. Moccassins, my mum wanted to know why I was wearing my slippers to dinner!


cool idea! I don't think my answers to this round are that interesting though...

1 - I haven't even looked at her tumblr yet, I guess just to be stubborn and avoid the hype. A lot of 'celebs' have personal accounts where you can see what they are up to, but I can't help but wonder how many of them are actually run by their agent/pr company.

2 - I have a colouring in book on my bedside table (which is the floor at the moment) and that is it! My partner bought it for me to keep me entertained when I had a tonsillectomy (yes we are the biggest children at heart) and I am determined to finish it. All our other books are still packed away in boxes waiting for a place to pop up for them. SOOOOO they are all unread at the moment!

3 - I haven't been shopping in way too long so I haven't bought into any of the season's trends yet. If I have worn anything that fits the trend it is has been in my wardrobe for a while and is proven! I would love to give the floral pants a go too Kate - you never know until you try!

DDGD - Kate

A colouring book, I love that! Your partner sounds like a sweet heart 🙂 x


He is definitely a sweet heart that is for sure! He knows me too well and always manages to find a little present to make me smile, including the princess colouring book.


This is an awesome, fun idea!

1. I don't get into the whole "real" celeb thing on any site really, I just can't be bothered trying to work out whats real and whats put up by their pr manager.

2. My bedside table is actually a book shelf, so I have about 100 books in there, and all are very loved. I also have my ebook there and I am going through the classics at the moment. I have to recommend "Perfume, the story of a murderer".

3. I have tried a neon top, and I almost got sent home from work that day because it made me look so ill! Which was good and bad...


Hey Peta, I absolutely loved that book, such a unique story!

DDGD - Kate

Love the bedside bookshelf! That shows real commitment to the bookworm cause 🙂


My turn! My turn!

1. Suprisingly, it makes me love B-jay even more!!! Even though half of it is clearly staged, it's nice to see a snippet of celebs doing normal-ish things beyond the stardom arena.

2. The Hunger Games - yes, I've caught the HG bug and I can't get enough. Also, (don't judge) Lauren Conrad's new book, The Fame Game. I admit, I'm a suck for trashy novels.

3. Fashion trend - studded boots with leggings. It just hasn't been in my favour. The no-leggings-as-pants rule still applies!


DDGD - Kate

May the leggings as pants odds never be in your favour 😉


Great idea Kate!

1. Love it - although I was a massive Beyonce fan before. Good to see photos we haven't seen 1000 times in magazines and on the web.

2. About 10, 5 unread - currently reading Bill Bryson's book 'Made in America' (and it's really good) - I am a massive sucker for his work. Nerdy but interesting, AND funny 🙂

3. Peplum! Really want a peplum top but can't find any that work for me.


DDGD - Kate

I am still convinced you'll find a peplum top that looks awesome Jaz... and when you do can you let me know which one it is 😉


Sure - will do Kate!! 🙂


Oooh, loving this idea & already loving reading everyone's responses!

1. I love it too. Most of the shots are visually gorgeous and it's fun to get a glimpse inside her life, although I did get a massive prima dona vibe from most if not all of them, but what else should one expect?!

2. I've just got the one (massive) book I'm currently tackling by my bedside, 'How To Make Gravy' by Paul Kelly, given to me by my man for Christmas. It's a wonderfully interesting read and all I wish is that I could find more down time to finally get it finished! I don't make a habit of collecting books by my bedside, as soon as I buy a newie to read it goes straight to the dedicated "to read" shelf on my bookshelf.

3. The metallic trend has had me fall victim to it's shiny spell. I scored some sweet as high waisted, wide leg, gold sequin shorts online just last week but as soon as they arrived all I could think was "awesome, now where on earth would I wear these and what with?!"


1 - Does Beyonce's share all candid Tumblr account make you like her more or less (check it out here: - love her more and more

2 -How many books are on your bed side table right now, how many are still unread, and which one is the best? 1 - Nikki Sixx Heroin Diaries, been there for at least 6 months unread

3 - What fashion trend have you tried and failed already this season? - denim shorts with tights, looked so try hard!


Love what she does, She can't seem to make any mistakes

No books right now

And the coloured jeans, Just can't do it


This is such a fun idea 🙂

1. As beautiful as the pics on Bs tumblr are, to me they look 100% staged and I don't see the point in that.

2. I have 3 books by Jean M Auel. It's a series, 1 I've read, 1 I'm reading and the other I'm yet to get to.

3. I've tried Peplum and unfortunately it did not flatter my body shape, however I am determined to try again when I find something else 🙂